Legal Services

PWM Financial Management offers legal services relating to financial planning, trusts and the administration of estates. Consider the following:

  • Administration of Estates:
    Are you confident that your estate will be properly wound up after your death?
    Are you concerned about excessive administration fees?
  • Administration of Trusts:
    Is your trust administration up to date?
    Do you have proper resolutions or minutes for decisions?
    Does your trust deed comply with present laws and legislation?
  • Business Contracts:
    Do your business contracts suit your needs?
  • Succession Planning:
    Do you want to keep a family business within your family or for longer than one generation?
  • Trust Formation:
    Are your assets sufficiently protected?
    Will your estate attract estate duty?
  • Wills:
    Do you have a current will that is properly signed?
    When last was your will revised?
    Is your will drafted in such a way that it successfully portrays your wishes?

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