Financial Management

Financial ManagementPWM Financial Management’s experienced consultants will provide you with the right financial planning advice for your needs. Ask yourself whether you are adequately protected in terms of:

  • Business Assurance:
    Do you have an enforceable buy-and-sell agreement in place with your business partners?
    Do you have key personnel whose services you need to retain?
  • Business Coaching:
    Do you need advice on the structures within your business?
    Do you have a business contingency plan in place?
  • Estate Planning:
    Are you confident that your dependants will be financially secure after your death?
    Is there sufficient liquidity to meet your estate’s financial obligations?
  • Investments:
    Do you have a balanced investment portfolio?
    Do you know how your retirement funds are invested and the tax implications thereof?
  • Retirement Planning:
    Do you know how much capital you need to retire comfortably?
    Are you aware that a pension or provident fund is not necessarily sufficient?
  • Short Term Insurance:
    Are you sure that you are paying competitive premiums?
    Is your insurance correctly structured to cover all risk areas?

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Six-Step Financial Planning Process

PWM Financial Management follows a thorough financial planning process:

  1. Establish and define professional relationship with client.
  2. Gather client data.
  3. Analyse information.
  4. Prepare and present recommendations and solutions.
  5. Implement solutions.
  6. Review and monitor the plan.

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